Education for entrepreneurs

“Any person can produce a lot of ideas in a day, there’s no merit on that. Investing time and effort to transform one idea into something meaningful is what makes the difference between average and awesome!”

Learning from other bright minds is a double benefit for those who decide to invest in their own education. It provides an outside approach to problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration that will always result in new knowledge and ideas that fuel the innovative brain with a cornucopia of possibilities. Also, it helps to learn not only from their successes, but also from the failures, which can prevent the wanna-be entrepreneur from making the same mistakes.

A great resource at the perfect time in Cincinnati is the creation of the local chapter of the Founders Institute, The World’s Premier Idea-Stage Accelerator and Startup Launch Program, with the mission to “Globalize Silicon Valley” and help promising entrepreneurs launch companies that create one million new startup jobs.

The brain power found within this organization is truly amazing, and the expectation for the Queen City’s new FI alumni is really interesting and promising.

The deadline for application is August 7 for the current year.

Do you think you have great ideas? Find out if one of them is worth one million dollars!

I signed up for the program and will be sharing my experience as I become a better entrepreneur.




Iceland, a quiet innovative place

Iceland has made headlines recently, and a lot of people think that the reason is fútbol (soccer), when they shocked the world by winning an improbable game against the UK. The dream ended when they lost against France, although they played proudly and changed the way the world looks at the small island from now on.

But they are also an example of how the human capabilities strive in extreme weather conditions, making technology innovations that probe that we can create without destroying. You can watch a nice 30-minute documentary in Bloomberg. It gives a lot of insights and interesting things to learn… enjoy!

Hello World

Let me know which kind of topics you’re interesting in seeing here. I want to make this blog easy to read and with positive, innovative and clean content.

Let’s learn together!



Free education

For anybody interested in learning there are many online free resources available that can be used with computers or mobile devices.

I’ve been able to take advantage of some of them and the amount of knowledge I gained is amazing. And the cost too… zero!

Here are some, you should check them out. Do you know others? Please share them!


Khan Academy


Never stop learning, keep Alzheimer away!

Help your kids become programmers

Just like Math helps us all solve problems, Programming helps us develop out logical brain and also promotes innovation and creativity.

I asked my son (10) to try Scratch and he loved it. It comes with a variety of options that make learning fun and motivational.

He’s working on a programming sequence to animate some of the characters provided by the site. He’ll be busy for the summer.

It’s worth trying, it has no age requirements.